How can I get involved?

Join our discussions on Discord and become a part of our community!

What's currently being worked on?

  • Novusphere Blockchain Interface Client
  • Novusphere Blockchain Interface Server (WIP)
    • GitHub (coming soon)
  • Novusphere Final Specification Document
  • Novusphere Test Network (testnet)

What is Novusphere?

Novusphere is a blockchain research project focused on catering towards the specification of AFIX and building an incentivized model around it. The current blockchain being used is a temporary blockchain forked from Black Coin.

What is atmos?

Atmos is a token associated with the Novusphere blockchain and economy. It serves as the main fuel of which mechanisms of the blockchain consume and/or redistribute to function.

Where can I buy/trade atmos?

Atmos is traded on a few various crypto-exchange platforms such as:

What is AFIX?

See the specification document for AFIX.

I participated in the crowdfund, how do I withdraw my coins?

You can do this using the old user interface and login here.