Frequently Asked Questions
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Officially named Novusoft, LLC is the organization behind the research and development of the Novusphere blockchain and related architecture.
The easiest way of contacting us is directly on Discord. If you prefer, you can also send an email to admin[at]
Novusphere is a blockchain research project under development by Novus in which it's current primary focus is publishing immutable information and content to the web to be shared with others.
Atmos is a token associated with the Novusphere blockchain and economy. It serves as the main fuel of which mechanisms of the blockchain consume and/or redistribute to function.
Atmos is traded on a few various crypto-exchange platforms such as Cryptopia.
AFIX or ("The Advanced File Index") is an interface layer built to easily access through the web browser indexed or referenced on the Novusphere blockchain. Since the content is not strictly defined, specialized interfaces can be created through AFIX creating use cases such as video/mp3 sharing, a library of books/content, or even immutable blogging. You can read more about AFIX here.
The initial scope of AFIX utilizes IPFS as a data storage layer and references it through a hash stored on the Novusphere blockchain.
While our main focus is on compatibility and support of IPFS, there's a variety of ways a data storage layer can be referenced. For example, in the case of IPFS a hash would be stored as part of the meta data within the Novusphere blockchain where as in the case of a torrent one would store the magnet link instead.