Advanced File Index (AFIX)

The Advanced File Index (“AFIX”) is a project of Novus utilizing the Novusphere blockchain based database and network intended to act as a layer to IPFS. This database allows us to build a refined index for any files that exist on the IPFS network while providing metadata about the file. Metadata is an arbitrary JSON object associated with the file provided when submitting the IPFS file hash to the index.

Open Source & Transparency

Once the decentralization phase has been started the project will be open sourced.

Legal Compliance

In the future a Novusphere full node provides a web interface (a "gateway") for accessing content.

Similar to running an IPFS node should a user wish to access unrestricted content they can set up their own Novusphere full node and access it through their own local gateway thereby imposing the responsibility on the user running the gateway and not Novus. A user would also be able to point a domain to their gateway thereby allowing for other users to access content through their gateway. Since the responsibility falls on the one running the gateway, they are able to set whatever rules they wish to impose in terms of what content it is willing to serve and what content it is not.

An example of setting such rules is Novus as an organization has the full intent to be compliant with the law going forward and therefore will not index or serve any content that has been reported to us and is violation DMCA or other laws. Any such content will be added to a blacklist that other gateways can optionally choose to use.

Project Roadmap

It’s necessary to stress this the most. The top priority is to create a tangible product that can be used by the typical consumer early on. As such, the blockchain and decentralization of that product comes second. The intentions are that rather the developers taking year/s to develop technology with nothing tangible to show creates a lot of uncertainty.

Novus will present a working product that you can feel and use so you don’t have to imagine our vision. Decentralization will be achieved through the development of the Novusphere blockchain.

Gateway Interface / PUSH API

The gateway interface serves as the most abstract means of interacting with the PUSH API as it is essentially a search engine for metadata objects ("files"). The PUSH API provides a client side interface the ability to query AFIX filtering content based on search queries as well as the ability to add new indexed metadata objects. Initially, the PUSH API will be hosted centrally by Novus however when full nodes of Novusphere are production ready they will self-host their own index and API allowing for true decentralization of searching for content.

File Rendering Interfaces (FRI)

As part of the meta data associated with a file a renderer can be set which defines how to present the data to the user. Rendering interfaces are simply a JavaScript file that makes use of the metadata JSON object associated with the file to define how the user interacts with the file.

Specific File Search Interfaces (SFSI)

This phase involves creating a more comprehensive search index then what is detailed in PFIX. In this case, search queries and parameters are tailored towards the expected meta data associated with the file.

While PFIX is abstract enough to search for any file, a SFSI for say videos for example may consider parameters that factor in metadata such as runtime.

Atmos Integration

This phase involves implementing early systems that can utilize the placeholder version of atmos as such systems will be later provided by the Novusphere blockchain. Each system offers a way in which participants in the Novus ecosystem can earn and use their atmos.

The key parts of atmos integration currently consists of:

  • Content Rating System
  • Content Request System
  • Dispute Resolution System
  • Gateway Advertisement

Decentralization / Novusphere

The client side interface’s end point is changed from a centralized service to a publicly ran and hosted Novusphere node which should provide the same API schema the central service did. Any changes required to adapt the client side interface to utilize a Novusphere gateway PUSH API will be done during this phase.